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CDA has made access to holistic alternative treatments in Sydney and NSW easy. While we don’t currently have a physical clinic in Sydney, we can still consult with you over the phone via a Telehealth consultation. Telehealth may be a better option for you if you’re located in Sydney as we’re all too aware of the transportation and traffic issues in Sydney. Telehealth allows Sydney patients to consult from the privacy and comfort of their own home instead of battling the Sydney traffic and parking.


What’s Telehealth?

By consulting through Telehealth, our Nurses and Doctors will discuss a personalised treatment plan with you that outlines your treatment goals, the benefits you could experience from plant-based treatments and any potential side effects you may experience from cannabinoid therapies.


How do I order natural therapies from CDA?

After completing your Telehealth appointment and having your application approved by the TGA, one of our Sydney Doctors will prescribe you with a plant-based product or natural therapy best suited to your needs.

Our Doctors will ensure that you’ll make an informed choice, by guiding you through the process and consulting with you to find the best product options for you and providing the latest costs.

If you’ve been approved to use Medical Cannabis therapies, we can send your script to one of our preferred pharmacies, or your local pharmacy in New South Wales. From there, the pharmacy can order your herbal treatment from the suppliers and securely ship the product to your door.


Why choose CDA Clinics?

  • By applying to the Department of Health on behalf of each patient, our Doctors can recommend patients for approval to access regulated non-synthetic, plant-based natural alternatives to opioids.
  • CDA Clinics are the leading providers of plant-based medicine across Australia, including those based in Sydney and throughout NSW. Our experienced Doctors specialise in the prescribing of plant-based products and do so at a dosage best suited to your condition and needs.
  • Our health professionals are frequently asked to speak at industry and Medical Cannabis events. By consultation with one of our Doctors or Nurses, you’ll feel assured that you’re speaking with knowledgeable leaders who are specialists in this field.
  • We’re up to date with every product on the market; new and old. We can provide a comprehensive list with costs to our patients so they can make informed decisions.


Access holistic health services in Sydney

Cannabis Doctors Australia are the trusted name for providing access to Medical Marijuana across Sydney and NSW. Receive the care you need through our simple and convenient process. Contact us today to book a consultation with our caring, expert Cannabis Doctors.


Specialists in chronic pain management

Our experienced Doctors and Nurses are highly trained in holistic therapies, including Medical Cannabis. Our specialists take into consideration all factors and will prescribe you the best product suited to your condition and symptoms.

Nurse Doni
Nurse Doni
Cannabis Nurse
Donielle's nursing journey began 14 years ago ranging in experience including neurological conditions, oncology, mental health.
Dr Paul Clarke
Dr Paul Clarke
Cannabis Doctor
Dr Paul Clarke completed medical school at James Cook University and has worked in hospitals across Queensland with experience in multiple surgical and critical care sub-specialties.
Nurse Brittany
Nurse Brittany
Cannabis Nurse
Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing. Brittany started her nursing career in the pediatrics field specialising in neonatology.