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/ Refer your patients

When you refer your patient to CDA Clinics, our team of experienced doctors and nurses will assess their condition and determine if and what plant-based treatment is a suitable option for them. Click here to read more about the TGA’s medical cannabis guidelines and resources for health professionals.

Why do we need a referral?

Referrals are best practice and are important for our team to understand your patient’s needs. Our clinicians also use the referral to look for any CP450 metabolised medications that can be affected by cannabinoids. To ensure duty of care is undertaken, our team must receive a Referral and Health Summary to consult with your patient. If you require further information before referring your patient or are interested in learning more about how you can prescribe, please email us at clinicalsupport@cdaclinics.com.au

Please ensure the patient’s referral form contains the current diagnosis.

Is plant-based treatment suitable for my patient?

Plant-based medicines and medical cannabis therapies may not be suitable for every patient. This is due to the fact that every patient has their own unique endocannabinoid system. Plant-based therapies may be effective for some patients and their conditions, however, not all patients will experience positive benefits. For more information about medical cannabis therapies, please visit the TGA’s website.

Referrals should be emailed to info@cdaclinics.com.au or faxed to 02 916 77 191. The buttons above provide referral templates for you to complete.

What happens when you refer your patient to CDA Clinics?

See process below


At the time of completing the referral for your patient, please ensure they have registered their details on our website as this will save them time once we receive their documentation.

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Once you have emailed or faxed the patient Referral and Health Summary to CDA, our Patient Care Team will check to see if your patient has registered on our website. If they've registered and we have received a signed consent form from them, we'll send an email to the patient to book in for a consultation.


Our doctors and nurses will consult with your patient (via Telehealth or in-clinic) to discuss their treatment options. Please note that our doctors may need to submit an application via the Special Access Scheme, depending on what product is being prescribed. The length of time between payment of a consultation and a patient receiving a call from the dispensing pharmacy is approximately 10 business days.


After our doctors and nurses have consulted with your patient, they will fax a letter to your medical practice confirming what has been prescribed. Should you have any further questions regarding your patient, or if you have not received any correspondence from our team, please email practitioners@cdaclinics.com.au.

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The patient should allow approximately 10 business days after making payment for the consultation until they hear from the nominated pharmacy to dispense their medicine. The pharmacy will process all payments for the prescribed medicine and ship it directly to the patient (unless arranged otherwise).

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Your patient will be booked in for a 6-week follow-up after their initial consultation. This is important for our doctors and nurses to understand the patient's response to the prescribed medicine. Please note our Clinical Care Team will fax a letter to your medical practice confirming any changes.