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Nurse Dani and Dr Beni at CDA Clinics

About Us

Founded in 2018, CDA Clinics was one of the first companies in the country to provide plant-based consultations to Australian patients suffering from chronic conditions and looking to explore alternative treatment options.

CDA Clinics was established as a network of passionate clinicians that provide consultation and prescription services for eligible patients wanting to explore plant medicine to treat their underlying symptoms.

Patients looking to explore plant therapies will require a referral and treatment summary from their regular GP or specialist. Upon assessment of the patient’s health summary and chronic condition, our doctors and nurses provide education to patients about possible side effects, product forms, dosing, product cost and more during the consultation.

Our clinicians are fully trained in plant medicine and work together with the patient to find the most suitable therapy to rebalance their endocannabinoid system and manage their symptoms. Learn more about your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

We’re experienced and passionate about providing every patient with personalised care and access to the most suitable treatment for their condition and circumstances.

CDA Medicinal Cannabis Clinic

Why Choose CDA Clinics?

CDA Clinics is a proud subsidiary of Vitura Health offering consultation services for patients wanting to explore plant-based therapies for their chronic symptoms. Our compassionate doctors and nurses are Australian-registered and experienced. To date, CDA Clinics has consulted with over 10,000 patients and have learnt a great deal about which medicines may work best for which conditions and patient cases.

At CDA Clinics, eligible patients receive quality service from trained professionals and support – if approved by the TGA. We pride ourselves on prioritising patient needs and we excel at providing compassionate customer service. Our clinicians are primarily focused on plant medicine and therefore have extensive experience with prescribing and dosing with this medicine and undertaking compliant and efficient TGA approvals.

CDA Clinics Maroochydore

Consultations and Costs

CDA Clinics is a private billing clinic, however our annualised consultation costs are some of the most affordable in Australia. Included in our initial consultation cost is your medical history assessment, TGA application (up to 2 applications), holistic education, product and dosing information, prescription, treatment plan and information resources. Please beware that other clinics may have hidden costs, including eligibility screening consultations, TGA application consultations and prescription consultations. At CDA Clinics, these are bundled into one consultation.

For more information about conditions that may be eligible for a consultation, please speak to your doctor or read the TGA guidelines. Patients interested in exploring plant medicine can take our no-cost eligibility screening.

CDA Clinics is a proud founding member of the Emerging Therapeutics Association of Australia