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Telehealth Registration Form

Interested in booking a Plant Medicine consultation with a CDA Clinics specialist over the phone? Our telehealth service is available to any patient across the country. To begin your journey and book a telehealth consultation, the first step is to register below. Simply fill out the registration form to start the process. Once registered, you’ll receive and information pack containing everything you need to know before you book your consultation with CDA Clinics.

How It works

1. Register

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition and seeking alternative methods with your regular GP to relieve symptoms and pain, register with CDA Clinics today.

2. Telehealth Consult

Once we’ve received a Referral and Health Summary from your Doctor, and a CDA Consent Form, you can book in for a consultation to explore treatment options.

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3. Receive

If approved, gain access to the widest range of products, securely shipped to your door.