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Apply for Medical Cannabis therapies in Melbourne and Victoria

Looking to access Medicinal Cannabis therapies, Holistic services and Plant-Based products in Melbourne and VIC?

If you’re located in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria and seeking alternative treatments with your regular GP to relieve symptoms and pain for a chronic condition, you can register with CDA Clinics today.

Our patients in Melbourne and across Victoria can utilise the Telehealth service to have consultations with a specialised Doctor or Nurse from the comfort and privacy of their own home. During your consultation, one of our Medical Cannabis specialists will assess your condition and suggest the best natural treatment option for you.

If you’re looking for safe and legal access to CDA’s plant-based products and services in Melbourne and Victoria, Telehealth is a simple and convenient option for you.

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If you’re suffering from a chronic condition and seeking alternative methods with your regular GP to relieve symptoms and pain, register with CDA Clinics today.


Once we’ve received a Referral and Health Summary from your Doctor, and a CDA Consent Form, you can book in for a consultation to explore treatment options.


If approved via one of the TGA Special Access Schemes, the doctor will write a prescription for the appropriate cannabis medication. If you choose to go with a CDA preferred pharmacy, you can have the medication securely shipped to your door.

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Why Choose CDA Clinics?

  • CDA Clinics is Australia’s most trusted Medical Cannabis consultation service, having provided over 20,000 patient consultations to date.
  • Our specialised Doctors and Nurses are highly trained and experienced in prescribing Medicinal Cannabis therapies and plant-based medicines to patients across Australia.
  • By choosing CDA Clinics, you are guaranteed quality service and attentive care. CDA provides you with an easy and convenient process for accessing Medicinal Cannabis therapies and consultations. If you’re deemed eligible to purchase Medical Cannabis, you will receive a personalised treatment plan detailing which plant-based medicine (such as CBD oil, THC flower, THC oil, Cannabis Crystal isolate etc.) is best suited to manage your condition.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Medicinal Cannabis therapies can only be prescribed by an Australian-registered Medical Practitioner and must be accessed through special federal and state pathways. For more information on Medical Cannabis access in Australia, visit the TGA’s website here.

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Australia's most trusted Medical Cannabis Consultants, having provided over 20,000 patient consultations

Affordable chronic disease assessment with alternative treatment options

Largest range of plant-based regulated medical products, securely shipped to your door

* Please refer to our T&Cs


Once registered, an information pack will be sent containing everything you need to know.

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Whats Telehealth?

Our Telehealth service gives all Australians access to one-on-one phone consultation with an expert CDA Doctor or Nurse to discuss natural treatment options.

Our experts will assess your condition and eligibility to find the best therapy and dosage to suit your needs. They will work with you deliver a personalised treatment plan, outline your treatment goals, as well as the benefits and potential side effects of different Medical Cannabis therapies.

To access Telehealth services in Victoria, you’ll have to go through the same route as any other patient. Once you’ve registered as a patient, you can select Telehealth as your preference and a Doctor will be in touch with you. Once the Doctor has received approval for your case, they will write a script and send it to the pharmacy for dispensing.

Standard Consultation

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Initial Consult

  • Assessment
  • Telehealth consultation
  • Customised health management plan
  • Chronic disease assessment and perscribed treatment
  • Follow-up consultations $59
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How do I order a plant-based product?

Once your Telehealth appointment is complete and your application has been approved by the TGA, one of our Doctors will provide you with the best legal plant-based treatment plan for your condition.

We can then send your script to your local pharmacy who can send the medicine securely to your door. The process is easy, safe, and secure. If you’re living in Melbourne or Victoria and seeking alternative herbal therapies to treat the symptoms of chronic conditions and pain, CDA can help.

Deb is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, a founding member of the Australian chapter of The Society of Cannabis Clinicians, a member and contributor to The Cannabis Nurse network and a member of the Australian Medical Cannabis association
Dr Rajevan
Dr Rajevan
Dr Rajevan is a firm believer of patient-centred medicine. Rajevan core values holds trust and effective communication with his patients.
Amy is a Canadian Registered Nurse with over 7 years’ experience in numerous settings including mental health / critical / emergency / coronary / surgical and medical / complex care.

Specialists in Cannabinoid Therapies

CDA’s Doctors and Nurses are trained to provide patients with a pathway to alternative and natural treatments that are legal, quick, and easy. As Australia’s first Medical Cannabis Consultation Clinic, Doctors and Nurses at CDA Clinics are specialists in a range of holistic health services including Medical Marijuana therapies, chronic pain assessments, DVA health services, herbal medicine and more.

Medical Cannabis therapies in Melbourne

By offering Telehealth consultations, residents in Melbourne and Victoria can easily consult with CDA’s Doctors and Nurses to find the best Medical Cannabis therapy or plant-based medicine for their condition. If you’re living in Victoria and seeking alternative treatments for a chronic condition, CDA will help you get the care you need. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our experts.

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