To help ensure affordable product costs, as well as a streamlined medication collection/delivery process for our patients, the doctors at CDA Clinics send the approved prescriptions to a selection of CDA preferred pharmacies across Australia.

Each CDA Clinics preferred pharmacy is a leader in Special Access Scheme dispensing and has demonstrated their experience and knowledge in this landscape.

While other pharmacies are still available for product dispensing, they may not offer the same benefits that come with a CDA Clinics preferred pharmacy and they may charge higher dispending costs.


Benefits of using a preferred pharmacy

As CDA Clinics preferred pharmacies are well trained and highly experienced in dispensing Special Access Scheme prescriptions, including alternative medicines, they can:

  • Provide exceptional service and counselling to patients throughout their medical treatment journey
  • offer competitive retail pricing for every product and maintain a reasonable dispensing fee
  • Make fewer errors and have fewer delays as they are already set up with a wholesale account and have systems and processes in place to dispense Special Access Scheme medications (quicker processing times)
  • Understand the special regulations for dispensing Special Access Scheme medications and treatments

CDA Clinics preferred pharmacies can also securely ship your medication direct to you if you are unable to collect, offering competitive shipping costs normally ranging between $10-$40.

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Why does CDA Clinics work with its preferred pharmacies?

CDA Clinics decision to work with its preferred pharmacies is not only based on the pharmacy’s expertise in dispensing and their willingness to dispense products at competitive retail pricing, but also because they:

  • Have the required systems and processes in place to ensure the ability to serve increasing patient numbers at the same elevated level of service
  • Hold an in-depth understanding of the different legislations for dispensing Special Access Scheme medications and have strict compliance protocols in place
  • Embrace continuous change, improvements and technological advancements

Can I use my local pharmacy instead?

Pharmacists choosing correct medicine

Yes, patients can opt to use their local pharmacy for the dispensing and collection of their SAS medication and should advise their doctor during the initial consultation with CDA Clinics. Please do not wait until the doctor has already submitted your TGA approval to notify them of your pharmacy preference.

When choosing to have your medication dispensed by your local pharmacy, the script will be posted to you for a $35 admin fee, covering the cost of clerical administration and the required registered post.


If you chose to have your script posted to you, please be aware that you may experience:

  • Possible delays while the pharmacy navigates the Special Access Scheme dispensing regulations for the first time
  • Possible delays while the pharmacy locates a supplier or distributor for the prescribed products and sets up the ordering accounts
  • Possible delays while the pharmacists undertakes dosing and administration education for product forms
  • Unknown dispensing and shipping fees – some pharmacies have been known to charge $100 on top of the product cost for each repeat
  • A lack of knowledge to help counsel you through your medical treatment journey

While many patients believe they will save money by opting to collect their medication directly from their local pharmacy, unfortunately in most cases the increased dispensing cost far outweighs the shipping cost of using a CDA preferred pharmacy.

Please note: a prescription that is written in Queensland may not be able to be dispensed in another state, due to individual state legislation and/or may require additional state approval. If your Queensland prescription is dispensed in a different state, you may encounter a higher dispensing fee or there may be delays while the doctor must undertake a state approval to provide to the pharmacy.


A final word on CDA Clinics Preferred Pharmacies

CDA Clinics uses its CDA Clinics preferred pharmacies in order to provide the best possible experience and a smoother process overall for their patients, as well as minimising enquiries or delays for the pharmacist and the doctor. For any questions surrounding consultation with CDA Clinics, please visit our FAQs here.


Disclaimer: This is not intended to be used as medical advice or a substitute for your own practitioner’s advice, nor is it intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment for any illness/disease. CDA Clinics & associated parties are not liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of/reliance on information provided.