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Conditions & Eligibility

Can we consult with children under 18?

Yes – our doctors can consult with the parent/legal guardian of an eligible child who has obtained the necessary documentation to consult with us at CDA.

Am I eligible?

There are no restrictions imposed by the TGA on the indication/s for which a health practitioner may apply to access an unapproved medicinal cannabis product for their patient. For more information, please see the TGA overview of medicinal cannabis and the SAS sections on their website.

Which medical conditions or diseases can be treated by Medical Cannabis?

There have been a wide range of different conditions that medical cannabis treatment has been approved for. To date, the TGA have approved SAS applications for the following conditions: chronic pain, cancer pain/symptoms, insomnia, anxiety/depression, PTSD, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting plus many more. Although we have a 100% approval rate with CDA patients, please note that each patient case is determined individually by the TGA, which means there’s a chance that you may not be approved.