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Before the consult

Can I register my family member or friend?

Of course, you can register as a carer for another individual on our website here.

Can my referring doctor be a relative or friend?

According to AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulations Agency, “A conflict of interest in practice arises when a practitioner, entrusted with acting in the interests of a patient or client, also has financial, professional or personal interests or relationships with third parties which may affect their care of the patient or client”. In layman’s terms – no.

Can the doctor provide repeats or do I have to consult to get another script?

Your prescribing doctor may be able to provide repeat prescriptions after your initial consultation. Please discuss this with them.

How do I pay?

Prepayment is required to book any consultations (whether it is an initial or follow up consult). Consultation prepayments are done at the time of booking, usually over the phone, and our Patient Care Team will take your debit/credit card details to process payment.

How do I send you my referral?

You can submit your referral using our online form here. Alternatively, you can submit your referral via email to or fax 02 9167 7191. In some cases, your medical clinic where you obtained the referral from may be able to fax the referral to CDA Clinics.

How can medical practitioners get access to plant medicine?

If plant medicine is deemed clinically suitable for a patient, medical practitioners can apply through the TGA’s Special Access Scheme (SAS) or Authorised Prescriber scheme for approval to access certain products for that patient. If the patient is eligible, their GP can provide them with a prescription for a plant-based product which they can have fulfilled at a pharmacy.

To start confidently prescribing alternative medicine to patients, medical practitioners can register on the CanView platform to receive free educational resources and view the largest range of plant-based products in Australia.

How long do TGA approvals last for?

TGA approvals may last for up to 12 months. Please check the approval letter provided by your pharmacy to confirm the length of approval.

How long does it take to get approved?

The TGA decision timeframe is approximately 2 working days once all the relevant information required by the TGA to assess the application is provided by the medical practitioner.

How long will it take for me to receive my medication?

We always tell patients to allow at least 10 business days from the day of consultation (provided the consultation has been paid for) until you hear from a pharmacy that is ready to dispense your medication. If you’ve not been contacted after 10 business days, please contact your prescribing doctor as in some cases, the TGA may require more information for your application to be approved and this can elongate the process.

I’ve been put on new medicines. Do I have to tell my prescribing doctor?

Yes. It is important for patients to advise their prescribing doctor of any changes to their medications over the course of their plant-based treatment so they can check for potential drug interactions and ensure the safety and efficacy of all prescribed medicines.

Is care going to be collaborated with my doctor?

CDA Clinics will provide a letter to your referring doctor after your follow up consultation. This will confirm the plant-based product(s) that has been prescribed, as well as the patient’s individual response to the prescribed product(s).

What do I do if I'm in a in home care facility?

Depending on the level of care within your facility, you’ll need to discuss with your nurse or doctor that you’re considering plant-based treatment. If they require certain documentation for your care (after you’ve been approved and prescribed plant-based medicine) please contact our team at

What technology do I need for Telehealth?

The majority of Telehealth consultations will be conducted via phone (audio only). The only equipment you require is your phone. Should you wish to perform the Telehealth consult via video conference, please ensure you discuss this with our Patient Care Team at the time of booking your appointment.

Please make sure to add our number to your mobile so you know when its us trying to get hold of you. We often get no answer.

Who can prescribe plant medicine?

Any registered medical practitioner in Australia can legally prescribe plant-based medicines.