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Apply for Alternative Medicine Consultations on the Sunshine Coast

Looking for alternative medicine, holistic services and plant-based products on the Sunshine Coast?

If you are experiencing pain and symptoms from a chronic condition and are located on the Sunshine Coast, you may be eligible for plant-based therapies. CDA Clinics provides high-quality medical consultations to eligible patients seeking alternative medicine.

Utilising the Australian Telehealth service, our patients from the Sunshine Coast have access to private consultations with an experienced doctor or nurse from the comfort of their own home. During your consultation, one of our friendly clinicians will assess your condition and suggest the most appropriate treatment options for you.

If you’re looking for more information about CDA Clinic’s plant-based therapies on the Sunshine Coast, our Telehealth consultation is a convenient option for you to get started.

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Register as a patient, upload the required documents and receive an information pack. As soon as we receive the required documents, we can book you in for a consultation.


Once we’ve received your referral, health summary and a signed CDA consent form, you can book in for a Telehealth consultation to explore treatment options.


If approved via one of the TGA Special Access Schemes, the doctor will write a prescription for the appropriate alternative medication. If you choose to go with a CDA preferred pharmacy, you can have the medication securely shipped to your door.

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Why Choose CDA Clinics?

  • CDA Clinics is one of Australia’s most trusted natural medicine clinics, having provided over 20,000 patient consultations to date
  • Our doctors and nurses are highly trained and experienced in prescribing plant-based medicines to eligible patients across Australia
  • By choosing CDA Clinics, you are guaranteed quality service and attentive care.  CDA provides thorough consultations and supports eligible patients in following the legal pathways to plant-based therapies. If you’re deemed eligible for a alternative medicine prescription, you will receive a personalised treatment plan detailing which plant-based medicine is best suited to manage your condition.

In accordance with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, plant-based therapies can only be prescribed by an Australian-registered medical practitioner and can only be accessed through special federal and state pathways. For more information on alternative medicine consultations in Australia, visit the TGA’s website here.

Australia's most trusted plant-based doctors have provided over 20,000 patient consultations

Affordable chronic disease assessment with alternative treatment options

Largest range of plant-based regulated medical products, securely shipped to your door

* Please refer to our T&Cs

What’s Telehealth?

Telehealth allows patients across Australia to gain access to private, one-on-one virtual consultations with medical professionals. No matter where you are on the Sunshine Coast, you can discuss plant-based treatment options with a CDA Clinics doctor or nurse.

During your Telehealth consultation, our clinicians will assess your condition, determine your eligibility and find the most suitable plant-based therapy for you. We will deliver personalised treatment goals and outline a plan to ensure we can monitor the benefits and potential side effects of different plant-based medicine.

To access Telehealth services on the Sunshine Coast, start by registering with CDA Clinics. Once you’ve registered as a patient, you can follow the process and book your consultation. Once the doctor has received approval for your case, they will remove the pending status on your e-script and send it to the pharmacy for dispensing.

Standard Consultation

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Initial Consult

  • Assessment
  • Telehealth consultation
  • Customised health management plan
  • Chronic disease assessment and prescribed treatment
  • Follow-up consultations $59
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How do I fill a plant-based prescription?

Following your Telehealth consultation and with approval from the TGA, one of our doctors will provide you with the most appropriate alternative medicine treatment plan for your condition. Once approved, we’ll send your script securely to the pharmacy and have them send your plant-based products straight to your door.

For people living on the Sunshine Coast looking to explore herbal therapies to treat symptoms of chronic conditions and pain, get started by completing CDA Clinics no-cost eligibility screening online.

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Experienced in Plant-Based Therapies

CDA Clinics is Australia’s first dedicated natural medicine consultation clinic with highly experienced doctors and nurses that are trained to provide patients with a legal pathway to alternative and natural treatments, such as plant-based therapies. Our doctors and nurses are committed to delivering a range of holistic health services including plant-based therapy, chronic pain assessments, DVA health services, herbal medicine and more.

Plant-Based Therapies on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast residents can find out if they are eligible for plant-based medicine for their condition courtesy of CDA Clinic’s Telehealth consultations. If you’re living in Queensland and seeking alternative treatments for a chronic condition, CDA Clinics can help you get the care you need. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our experts.

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Debbie is a Registered Nurse, a community activist and advocate for alternative medicine. Nurse Deb is a member of various plant-based associations and a valued volunteer for the United in Compassion not-for-profit group.
Dr Nathan
Dr Nathan
Dr. Nathan is highly experienced and has previously trained in emergency medicine and orthopedic surgery. He has also worked as a medical officer for the Army Reserves and takes a particular interest in managing musculoskeletal disorders of veterans.
Nurse Kimberley
Nurse Kimberley
As a naturally caring, kind and compassionate person with a focus on holistic patient-centred care, Kimberley is grateful that she can utilise these skills to educate, advocate and support patients wishing to access alternative medicine as a potential treatment option.