The initial consultation with a CDA Doctor will comprise of:

Medical Condition Discussion
Treatment History
Current Medicines Review
Product Selection
TGA Application
Consent Form
Information (provided to the patient)

The cost for the initial consultation also includes administration overheads such as application chasing, application reviews (if rejected), billing, prescription writing, tracking and notification to list a few of the many tasks.


Follow up consults are made 6 weeks after the initial consult and 3 monthly ongoing or more frequently in clinical indicated or patient requested.

These consults comprise of:

Review of MC treatment with doctor including discussing potential benefits
Prescription writing and tracking
Additional administration may be required during these follow ups – such as letters to the DVA or health insurers for funding, application renewals as approvals are time bound (generally 12 months)


CDA Clinics is an independently owned, Australian registered business which has expenses like any other business. In addition to making Medicinal Cannabis treatment plans we provide free services including eligibility screening; information to the public on our website and social channels; patient and doctor information resources; and clinical information to GPs and Specialists for no charge. Tracking a large volume of patients through the series of challenging SAS applications and providing customer service to this volume can be logistically challenging!