What is the Canview Patient App? 

The Canview app is a new way of managing your CDA Clinics prescriptions and ordering your medicine from your pharmacy. 

The Canview mobile app will allow you to: 

  • Receive and track your prescriptions and repeats from CDA Clinics all in one place 
  • Easily place orders directly with your pharmacy and see when they are ready 
  • For mobile app users there will be new functionality and features regularly released to better manage your end to end treatment journey (stay tuned)  

When will I get it? 

After your next consult, you’ll receive an SMS with a link to your electronic script and you’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.  

While you can download the Canview patient app in advance, you won’t have access to the apps full functionality until your new script has been written. 

How can I access my prescription? 

The prescribing doctor will send you an SMS from Canview when he/she writes the prescription. The prescription is usually written following the consultation with the doctor, however in some cases, the doctor may have to apply for an SAS approval and wait for the approval to be issued, before the prescription can be released to the patient.

You’ll receive an SMS link after your consult with the prescribing doctor, which will prompt you to click on a link to download the mobile app. Once downloaded, use your mobile phone number to verify your account so you can access your prescriptions and place orders.  

Using the mobile app will result in a better customer experience as more features are released, however, if you don’t want to use the app, you can access your E-prescription by: 

  • Nominating a pharmacy during your consultation or the doctor can nominate a preferred pharmacy for you 
  • Your prescription will be sent to the nominated pharmacy and you can call or visit the pharmacy to arrange and order 
  • Upon collection, you will need to present the pharmacy the E-prescription QR code available in the SMS link 

Who do I contact for help? 

Please contact the Patient Care Team on 1300 232 362 or at info@cdaclinics.com.au for assistance with accessing your E-prescription.  

Do I need a smartphone? 

You’ll need a smartphone to download and use the Canview mobile app. The mobile app will work on any Apple or Android phone less than three years old. 

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use electronic scripting and we can send your script directly to your preferred pharmacy. 

Can I still get a paper script? 

Using E-prescriptions is preferred as it allows you to access your scripts faster and streamlines ordering medicine from your pharmacy. 

You can still nominate to use a paper script, but it will take up to 10 business days and may incur a $35 fee. This is because the prescribing doctor will need to undertake an SAS application. MAPs are not sent to patients.


Can I book my next consultation on the app? 

No, you can’t currently book consultations with the Canview app. Please contact our Patient Care Team on 1300 232 362 or at info@cdaclinics.com.au to arrange your next consultation. 

Can I pay through the app? 

No, we don’t currently take payments through the Canview app. 

Your pharmacist will organise to the take payment from you directly for any medicines they dispense. 

Can I use any pharmacy? 

There are over 3000 pharmacies that are registered to use Canview and we can help find a pharmacist in your area. 

Can I view products? 

You can’t currently browse products using the app. Approved patients can continue to use the Canview website to view available products. Register for website access here. 

Why choose a preferred pharmacy? 

Preferred pharmacies are experienced and can advise on Schedule 8 plant-based treatments. They are quick and efficient and have faster turnaround times. They have systems in place and wholesaling accounts set up to go. 

  • Low dispensing fees closely matching the recommended retail prices (RRP) 
  • Tracked shipping direct to your door 
  • Competent in both dispensing and patient counselling for Schedule 8 plant-based prescriptions
  • Close relationship with the clinic for better customer service