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Prescribing plant-based medicine with CDA

Currently, the only Medical Cannabis product listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) that does not require TGA approval is Nabiximols. For all other unapproved Medicinal Cannabis products, Practitioners will need to apply through one of the following pathways:

To learn more about prescribing plant-based treatments to your patients, please visit BHC’s CanView,  Australia’s leading ordering platform for natural therapies, which offers Doctors and Pharmacists free education, the tools to prescribe and the ability to order products.

By registering for a CanView account as a Medical Practitioner, you will have access to the clinical resources area which provides a range of practical educational tools that you can use to assist you with your patient consultations.


BHC’s CanView partners with trusted suppliers to provide Pharmacists and Medical Practitioners with one simple ordering platform for the widest range of plant-based products available in Australia; saving valuable time and paperwork.


Orders are made through the e-commerce marketplace and are dispatched via Australia-wide express shipping, either to your pharmacy or directly to the patient’s home.

Prescribe Natural Medicines with Confidence and Transparency

BHC's CanView gives Medical Practitioners access to the most up to date knowledge, tools and products to prescribe various natural treatments to patients, including Medical Cannabis therapies.

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Register as a Medical Practitioner on CanView to access a wide range of product, pricing and educational material.

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