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/ CDA Dispensary Information

CDA Dispensary Open Hours & Contact Information

Open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Collections from Varsity Lakes Clinic, 10 – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Our phones and inbox are manned 9-5pm Monday to Friday.

We’re closed on public holidays.

Phone: 07 5689 3750

The best contact is via email: dispensary@cdaclinics.com.au

191 Varsity Lakes Parade, Varsity Lakes

Dispensary Process:

  1. Complete a CDA consultation with your prescription going to CDA Dispensary.
  2. Please review the information pack that you’ll receive via email and follow the steps outlined within the email.
  3. Dispensary calls to collect payment and process order.
  4. Once payment has been received, items are dispensed and dispatched.
  5. Items are couriered direct to you, unless you have requested collection from the Varsity Lakes Clinic. In either case, you’ll receive SMS confirmation when your medication has been dispensed.
  6. Email repeat requests to dispensary@cdaclinics.com.au. Please use “Repeat Request” as your email subject, with your name, date of birth and order. Once a repeat request is received, CDA Dispensary will invoice, take payment and dispatch your order as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this service?

CDA Clinics Dispensary services are available for CDA Clinics patients only. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any external prescriptions.

How do I pay for my medication?

CDA Dispensary currently does not accept cheques, cash or bank transfers.  We will send you an invoice, where you can click on the link and pay online or we can take your payment over the phone.  You items will be dispatched within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.

Can I collect my medication?

The default option for medication dispatch is via shipping. If you’d like to collect your items, please advise us in your email order and we will remove shipping from your invoice.

When can I collect my medication?

Your order can take 4 hours to process the payment. Once payment is received, your medication will be ordered in and dispatched within 48 hours.

How do I make a repeat order?

If you would like to order a repeat, please email dispensary@cdaclinics.com.au with:

  • Full name and Date of Birth
  • “Repeat Request” as the email subject
  • Items and quantities that you would like to order on repeat

Note: Only prescriptions with standing orders are able to provide a selection of items.

What if I change my mind?

If you would like to change your order, return a product, or change from collection to shipping, please email us with the details. Don’t forget to include your full name, date of birth. Please provide clear and succinct information about the issue.

What if my bottle is faulty?

If your bottle stopper or syringe is faulty, please let us know by email. Please include your name, date of birth and the details of the fault. Please also include a clear photo or video of the fault.

What postage method does the CDA Dispensary use?

CDA Dispensary ships via Australia Express Post.

How long does it take to receive my package?

As per CDA’s postage, items will be dispatched within 48 hours of payment processed. Australia Post can take anywhere from 2-10 business days, depending on COVID. Delays are to be expected.

I’ve seen a new product on CanView, how do I get new prescriptions for a medication that might benefit my symptoms?

Please book in to see your doctor to discuss your treatment plan and goals.

Product Information

Product information and availability can be reviewed at canview.com.au. CDA patients can register on the website to use this service. For your convenience, we have attached the Dispensary stock sheet to this email. Please see applicable flowers for special treatment listed under the “ST CODE” column found to the right of the spreadsheet. Note: The stock sheet is updated weekly and does not reflect stock on hand.

Dosing Information

Your clinician has discussed with you your starting dose for each product during the consult, as well as discussion titration. More dosing information, Post Consult Information and other resources can be found on the CDA Clinics Clinical Resources page. Be sure to read product labels and information pamphlets before use. Report any adverse effects to CDA Clinical staff in your follow-up consultation.

Please note:

For any questions or concerns regarding dispensary issues, please email dispensary@cdaclinics.com.au.

  • You will consult with CDA clinical staff as normal to ensure your treatment plan is working.
  • CDA Dispensary is only available to CDA patients. We do not accept external prescriptions.
  • CDA Dispensary do not accept cheques, cash or bank transfers.
  • Please read product labels and information pamphlets before use.
  • Please report any adverse effects to CDA clinical staff.

Visit CanView’s clinical resources page below to see regular updates on dosing information, post-consult information and other helpful resources.

Product Information

For more information about cannabis products including terpenoid content, cannabinoid content (such as CBD), carrier oils, etc, CDA Clinics patients have exclusive access to CanView.

CDA Patients will be able to gain access to CanView once they have completed a CDA consultation with a Cannabis Doctor.

Unfortunately, access to CanView patients is only for CDA patients. CanView cannot provide access to patients from other cannabis clinics and doctors.

Important: Please note that availability in CanView does not reflect stock on hand at the CDA Cannabis Dispensary.